Princess Miriam Kekauluo'hi Likelike (Script from Grade 4's "Likelike Day Program")


Princess Likelike, who was born Miriam Kekauluo'hi Likelike on January 13, 1851 was the daughter of High Chief Kapaakea and the Chiefess Keohokalo'le. She was also the younger sister of King Kalakaua and Princess Liliuokalani, who was to become Hawaii's last reigning monarch. She was third in direct line of succession to the Hawaiian throne. She was also the mother of Princess Kaiulani.

Her Youth

Because Princess Likelike was not in the best of health as a very young child, she was sent to live in the dry healthy climate of Kona on the island of Hawaii. At the age of 6, she returned to Honolulu and remained there until her marriage.


Princess Likelike's family of brothers and sisters have become known as "Hawaii's First Family of Musicians." She wrote poetry and composed music. For many years, the fourth graders at Likelike School has put on a special program in honor of our Princess, on her birthdate.

One of her songs which the fourth graders sing is called "Maikai Waipio," which describes a place that she knew and loved.


On September 22nd, 1870, Princess Likelike was married to Honolulu businessman Archibald Scott Cleghorn. The wedding was held at Washington Place, which was the residence of Governor Dominis, whose wife was Queen Liliuokalani. This residence today, is now the official home of the governor of our state.

Likelike was vivacious and well-liked by all, and her home was opened to important people from all over the world. She had a reputation of being a kindly, gracious hostess in almost every country of Europe and almost every state of the union.

"Aloha No Au I Ko Maka", another one of her compositions reflects the European influence in the music.


Ainahau, Princess Likelike's Waikiki home was said to have been the most beautiful private estate in the Hawaiian Islands. A driveway between rows of stately palms led to the gracious pillared mansion set in a grove of 500 coco palms. Articicial lakes dotted with pink water lilies, and satues found here and there, added to the charming grounds.

Mango trees were plentiful, and everywhere one could catch the scent of sweet smelling pikake and gardenias. Proud peacocks strutted through the grounds displaying their beautiful feathers. Thousands of trees, shrubs and vines grew in this huge garden estate.

Today, Ainahau is no more. The Governor Cleghorn Condominium stands at the entrance to the driveway which led to the house, and the Princess Kaiulani Hotel reminds us of the everlasting spirit of Aloha and hospitality of Ainahau.

"Ainahau," is one of her best known songs, which is sung by our fourth graders each year on her birthday.


Never in very good health, Princess Likelike died at the early age of 36 on February 2nd 1887.

Thus ends the life story of our beloved Princess Likelike. She will be long be remembered for her kindess to children, her pleasing manners, her many charities, her never failing hospitality, and her beautiful songs, like "Kuu Ipo Ika Hee Pueone."


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We honor our namesake, Princess Likelike

Annually every January 13th, her birthday, with a program put on by the Fourth Graders.

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University of Hawaii, Ke Ola, Costco, Palama Settlement,

Princess Likelike School - A Taro Lo 'I

-By Barbara Miwa

Oral history indicates that Likelike Elementary School grounds was once taro land. It was curiosity that led me to investigate how much of it was written.

Likelike School is in the Kapalama ahupu'a. This ahupua'a had extensive lo'i which was said to be almost continuous from Iwilei at the shore to the foothills above School Street.

Another account stated that there was "a very rich district of farm land" near what is now the junction of Liliha and School Street.

Two streams irrigated the taro Io'i. One of them(which is the only one mentioned) was Kunawai Spring which is located Ewa of Liliha Street and just makai of Kunawai Lane. The surrounding land was between Liliha Street and Insane asyslum.

The asylum was mauka of School Street bounded by Lanakila Road(probably where the Health Center is located) and Pohaku Street. Likelike School was located on Asylum Road which was Diamond Head of Palama Street.

Although the school grounds is not specifically mentioned as being taro lo'i, one has to believe oral history as well as the written accounts of the extensive taro land, that it was indeed taro land.

In recent years, sinking of the ground has occurred. The buildings have cracks in the cement structure, one floor section of the administration building has space between it and the base of the wall and the upper field seems to have pot holes. Soil testing was done to several feet below which indicted soft soil.

Indeed, Likelike School was taro lo'i.

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